Our Services

Financial insights play a vital role in supporting the overall financial health and success of a business. Finsight Business Consulting can support your business with the following:

Budgeting and Forecasting

We work closely with departmental leaders to gather information on expected revenues and expenses and then use this information to create detailed financial models.

Data Analysis

We can help identify trends, risks, and opportunities. We use this analysis to provide insights and recommendations to your business.

Management Reporting

We can create and present financial reports, board reports, KPI’s and dashboards to monitor your company’s financial performance and identify areas for improvement.

Cashflow & Working Capital Management

We can help improve your cashflow to ensure your business has sufficient cash on hand to meet its immediate financial obligations and has enough liquidity to operate effectively, while also minimising the risk of financial distress and insolvency.

Project work

We can provide ad-hoc support for projects such as EPM software implementation.

Financial modelling

We can provide scenario modelling and 3-statement financial models to aid decision-making.

Why Use Us?

We provide financial insights, analysis and interpretation to management, operations and the back office parts of your business to improve strategic decision-making.

Benefits of working with us…

  • You’ll benefit from infrastructure and technology cost savings
  • You’ll have access to skilled resources at a reduced cost
  • You’ll free up your time to focus on your core business
  • We’ll use your existing systems & processes to provide our service so no additional investment will be required by your business
  • We’ll provide flexibility and consistency for the cyclical demands of your business
  • We’ll provide a faster and better quality service than hiring employees
  • We’ll provide expert independent advice

“Mark is diligent in exploring and understanding what the numbers mean from a business context and acting as a partner to the business from a financial perspective. Highly recommended if a cool head and systematic logical approach is needed!”

Jean-Marc Barbeau, Director
Zanda Partners